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Welcome to my music catalog organized and tagged for film, documentaries, tv ads/promos and other visual media in mind. This is an additional download service to my main site NiklasAman.com. New to my music? Check out playlists and albums on Apple Music and Spotify.

How it works
1. Signup at my main site NiklasAman.com then return and login here >> to view, play and download high-res audio directly for you to demo and try out in your project. Please note - This service is intended for professional business use only! By signing up you agree to use this service according to what's specified in the
Copyright Notice. First time account activation within 24h. All data handling is according to GDPR, see details.

2. Play/Download high-res aifs/mp3s directly. Click on genres for playlists, then on arrows to play and/or download a mp3. Click on song name for high res aif/mp3-downloads (including reduced versions) more info and tags. If you click on a tag all tracks with that tag will be listed.

3. Get a music license. When you're about to finalize your project use the licensing request form or email.

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One-stop direct music licensing!
Since I also own the publishing you get 100% master/sync clearance directly from the source without any intermediaries, meaning effective and affordable rates starting at $1.00/second. Also if you're on a specific music budget I'm all ears.

The Rights included
All music licenses includes non-exclusive sync and master rights.

Cue Sheet & PRO info
For broadcast/theatrical releases please provide the airing station/producer with the following info:
Composer: Niklas Kurt Åman (100% STIM).
Publisher: Brusbox Music (100% STIM).

For more info check the FAQ, Film/TV Cred or Email any questions.

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